Hello World ?

*walks on the stage, go in front of the microphone*

Hmm… Hi ? My name is Victoria, and I want to change the world.

*audience laughs*

I can’t help thinking that, to be truly oneself, to share what’s really dear to one heart,could honestly look a lot like that in today’s world,or at least there’s this fear that it’ll end up like that if we really begin to share what’s inside our heart,if this perspectives vary too much from what others deems ‘possible’ or ‘normal’ or yeah I guess you get the picture. But you know what,I firmly believe that there’s a part missing in theses three lines at the top ,the part that mentions that even if the you hear laughs about what you’re trying to do,there will Always be people, or even maybe one person, that will listen and what you just said will makes this person thinks,and then maybe bring other people to what you says,and then someone will be ‘hey, I want to help’ or ‘hey,I have a piece of the puzzle you’re trying to create,maybe we can create it together’ or just maybe says something positive like ‘Keep going 🙂 ”.

‘ Don’t ask me what the world needs.Ask what make you come alive and go do it.Because what the world need is people who have come alive” – H.Thurman


So let me start again.
Hi,I’m Victoria. I’m 18,and I want to change the world. What do I mean by ‘I want to change the world ?’ ,I mean that I want to bring positive changes. Since a child,I’ve always seems to see the world differently,it was like what I thought of the world, wasn’t such a common way to see it. I think that the world is a beautiful place,and that we’re lucky to be here. I also think that a lot can be done to permit to everyone to enjoy this experience as much as possible.
I tend to think that everyone have an unique piece of the puzzle to share, to bring to the Big puzzle ( we could call that big puzzle ‘future’ I guess). Imagine if everyone give themself permissions to be totally truly insanity beautifully their true self? We could paint our blank canva that is the future for the moment,with so many more colors.

I think that in a way,maybe we are scared ( I think that fear is a reallyyy big subject and I think that it influence us a lot) to be our true self. Because the world today seems to tell us to be like that,or be like that, and to stay ‘inside the box’. There’s this sort of fear that if we go out of the box,we’ll be alone,we won’t be supported, and I think that, Humans aren’t meant to be alone. Even if the spark of change must come from the inside, we aren’t meant to be alone. We are part of a whole, like any life part of Nature,we can only subsist as part of the whole,but we seems to have forgot that too much. Unity. I think that Unity is a very important part of building the bigger puzzle. Here’s what I think though, that, if you dare being yourself, you’ll attract to yourself like-minded people, people that share your vision,that share your belief  and that will want to help you carry your puzzle piece ( yeah,that person in the middle of the laughing crowd).

So here I am, being myself. Writing about my heart-truth.
I think that we only teach, hmm ,no I don’t like this word here, we only demonstrate something ,maybe ? for lack of better word for the moment I’ll use this one. We only demonstrate something by example. So here I am. I want maybe to show to people that it’s possible to be their true self,to create what they want to create. I’ll surely fall,but I’ll get up,and I won’t fail. Because I think someone can’t Fail if they follow their true heart desire,what they really feel they need to do and take step in that direction,they can never Fail,because : what is failure ? Taking a step,even if it is the smallest one in the direction of one’s goal,of what one’s want to create,for me can never considered as failure.


Here, I’ll share thoughts, writings, photography, arts,projects. And maybe through that we’ll all be able together to create something ? We’ll see …Only future will tell. What I know is that I’m taking the first step toward what I want : To create positive change,To inspire people to be themself, to show that each and everyone of us CAN create what they want.


Yes.I admit it,I’m totally a dreamer. But I firmly believe that this isn’t anything negative at all and that I’ll never stop dreaming.


Ps : To see why I choose the name ‘GWAWR’ ,just read the ‘Why GWAWR’


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