Gwawr is a welsh name meaning ‘The Dawn’.
Personally I choosed GWAWR to stand for ‘Gaia’s Workshop : Agape, Wonder, Radiance.’

Gaia is the name of Mother Earth in Greek mythology. In a way we can consider that we are here on earth to learn, and thus earth being a big workshop to learn and create ( and by creating I mean it in the wide sense of the term, creating our experiences, our-self, creating memories[…] ). For me three of the main ingredients that should be present to make this experience a great one would be : Agape (it was the word use by the Greek for Universal Love ), Wonder ( to keep an open mind and an open heart to go forward to always see the world like a child would with wonder, amazement and stars in the eyes) and Radiance ( to let our own light shine, to dare being our self and by shinning this light also helping others).

At first it was the name I choose for my products, art-crafts handmade products that would promote a more conscious way of living anchored in a more conscious shopping, made with recycled/ up –cycled/eco-friendly items, that would also I hope help and not only be mere items, that would have a story behind, products made with the heart. Finally the idea of GWAWR expend to much more. Through this GWAWR,I’d like to Create something,to Share, to Help.I have one millions ideas still being worked on behind the scenes,so please be patient,it’s only the dawn of the dawn 😉


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