An ever-changing,ever-growing, ever-shifting list of articles, videos, pictures […] that I find Inspiring and worth sharing.

* A TEDx talk I just discovered a few days ago,and that was very synchronistic for me :  ‘An improvised life’ by Justin Thomson

* Another  TEDx talk: ‘There are no Superheroes, Just Us : My Journey with Malala’ by Shiza Shahid.Totally worth the 10minutes in my opinion’ .

* ‘The Hero’s Journey’ ,one of Jason Silva ‘Shots of awe’

*Jim Carrey’s commencement address at the MUM Graduation of 2014, a very nice speech to listen to.

* A segment I truly love from an article I read a few weeks ago [ ‘ 50  Reasons this generation can’t get it’s sh*t together and actually shouldn’t’ by Lauren Martin. ]

‘They tell us we’re scatterbrained and lazy. They tell us to get secure jobs. They tell us to settle down and start acting our age. They tell us to get it together. They tell us to stop playing around and to grow up.

What they don’t realize, however, is that we are grown up and we will never “have our sh*t together.”

Don’t be fooled, we could get it together if we wanted to; we could buy a pantsuit and stuff our résumés into leather folders and walk around with briefcases and chips on our shoulders.

We could ride on elevators up and down for the rest of our lives. We could chain ourselves to desks and 60-hour work weeks… if we wanted to do that.

We’ve decided, however, that we’d rather not. We’d rather not imprison ourselves to the routines of “a normal day.”

We’ve decided we’d rather not just pretend to be happy. We’ve decided we’d rather risk the chaos and pitfalls that come with refusing to settle rather than chain ourselves to an idea of a normal life.

We’d rather not sit around, complying with the rules and ideals that have been handed down for generations. We’d rather make our own hours and create our own schedules. We’d rather dress how we want and work for companies we find important.

We’d rather spend months traveling instead of days on payroll. We’d rather be moving, shuffling and exploring new lands and new ideas. We’d prefer to see the country we live in rather than just work for it. ”

To read the full article [ It’s here ]



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