1am talk about fear and life

‘Many of them just couldn’t understand. Why would anyone need to take some quiet time to confront it’s own thoughts, to push away the dust of yesterday to have a better vision of tomorrow ? The obvious-for-me answer to that question was for many totally obscure and unknown. Living in a society where we spend our whole life running, this didn’t surprise me so much. We run, always faster and faster, never according to our self the right to stop and think. Aren’t we only running for our self ? Never stopping to avoid a confrontation with our own soul, are we scared to discover we are the monsters we’re afraid of ?’
[ Something I wrote for a project I’m currently working on]

What are you scared of ? When was the last time you stopped and consciously look your fears in the eyes ? Acknowledging them and maybe trying to understand what caused them, what was the root issue ?
When was the last time you just stopped and pondered quickly on your thoughts ?
In a world that rush more and more, we’re sadly less and less to actually take the time to witness our own thoughts, our own interiority, our own soul.

‘ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all’ . [Oscar Wilde]

I know that I’m scared to not live. No, not afraid to die. In a way I’m not really afraid of death. Simply of not being alive before dying.
I’m afraid to simply exist, to go around as if I was a zombie.to go through life in a mist of sleep-walking-ness. To just go day after day and to not really create the life I want…

‘Remember, remember, this is now,and now, and now.Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become accurately aware of all I’ve taken for granted’ [ Sylvia Plath]

I’ve always thought that I’d rather have a short life where I’d feel insanely alive ,rather than a long life where I’d just wake up everyday to do the same thing, never really feeling like I even really woke up.

As I was talking to a friend though some time ago, I was wondering if anyone really is afraid of death itself, or is it always this fear of not having enough time ? not having enough time to create what we wish to ? To live what we want to live ?

I guess the ‘answer’ to all this would be to just simply : Be in the Now. Live unapologetically the life You wanna live. Dare being  Yourself.
Is it that easy really ? I think it is in concept,but that sometime we have to go through years of mental conditioning we have picked up from others and to de-cluster all this in a way. To really see clearer through our thoughts and mental patterns,to see what we really want […]and maybe that’s why it’s not always ‘easy’, but maybe in itself it is easy ,or at least simple : simply be yourself and live in a way that makes you happy.

Hmmm…Food for thoughts.

Seriously I often feel like I write and think that,but that yeah to do it in everyday life isn’t so easy and it takes some time ,that’s for sure. So yeps I’m still working on it all personally,and thinking it through, So maybe another post about that soon ?

Okay,enough 1am talk for today !


24 april- 12.17 am

I have to laugh at myself,at how little I got myself to post here while I write a bit everywhere ,in all sort of notebooks here and there ,and always have thoughts rushing into my head.
There’s this quotes in Dead Poet Society that says that ‘No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.’

Words, Ideas, are worth it.They changes the world,always did,always will. I’ll try to write more. And so should you,if anyone is reading this at the moment,I have one message for you : Your ideas and thoughts are just as worthy as anyone else’s. Never be afraid of letting your voice be heard. Too many time we shut up because we think that ‘no,it’s not worth it’, well if you keep your thoughts and ideas inside,how do you wish others to learn about it ? When sharing, people can not only learn from your ideas and expand their vision,but so will you,it’s beneficial to everyone around 😉 And yes I’ll try to take that advice myself and try to write more.

You know what also ? Life Always find a way. Someday we just feel like we never gonna make it. That it’s not even worth trying. No,if something really speak to your heart,if it’s something you really wanna do,go and do it.
I always have this thought that I don’t wanna wake up one day and realize all my life passed me by without me even being able to really create what I want. It’s always Now. We need to be brave enough to create the life we want. Life will always find a way. We need to believe in our-self and our projects, it’s never ever easy,but I do believe that one way or another,if you’re truly passionate about something,and never give up, you will make it happen.

[ While gardening, we found this little plant that succeed to find it way and grow through this rock, Life Always find a way]

A great video I’d like to share today is this Alan Watts talk , ‘What if Money was no object’
[Reallyyy worth watching ,it’s just 3minutes !]

Sooo yeah, I guess that it’s late and maybe I’ll realize tomorrow that what I wrote now won’t even have any sense… Happy earth day ( if it’s still the 23 april to you ,and Be Yourself and Go Create Your Life, no matter what day it is ahah)

‘Life is made of moment’

black and white

”There are too many words to be said; a whole lifetime wouldn’t be enough to write them all. A way to arrange them would be to put theses five words together in that order : Life is made of moments.

Do we ever really look back to a year ? to a month ? to a week ? Or do we look back to see the very moments that created this week,this month,this year ? Do you ever remember the day in itself or do you remember what happened on this day; to be more precise what happened on this day that made you feel alive ? Be it from pain or joy; be it your heart splashing out sparkles because of an amazing walk you took in the wood or breaking down in pieces after you heard a sad news; be it in any way,we want to feel alive. Feeling dead, feeling like we’re only a bag of meat walking the earth is something we wish to run away from; we want to feel that we are some stars dust dancing in the eternal melody of life. And that’s what we should strive to be : living dancing stars dusts.
Life is made of moments : I personally wish to create as many as I can. ”

Another little piece I wrote some weeks ago.
I think it’s something we all, in a way or another, feel inside,we want to feel alive.
I would have a lot to says on this,but for today I just wanted to share theses few lines I wrote and that in a way resume a lot what I think.

I also wanted to share with you something I found some days ago : 365 grateful

”365 Grateful is a film about uncovering what happens when ordinary people unlock the remarkable powers of gratitude.

This documentary was born out of a project created by Hailey – the ‘365 Grateful Project’.”

You should really check out the website,it’s full-packed of amazing positive energy.

I think that thinking about What we are grateful for in our life help us to stay in the present, to not think too much about the past and what was,or the future and worry about what will be,but to stay grounded in the present and be happy about what is. In a way it help us to feel Alive. It’s like seeing life through new lenses in a way 🙂 Or cleaning the lenses we’re looking through’

And Happy Solstice everyone’