And I wrote because I couldn’t keep theses words inside anymore’


If I’ve always wanted to do one millions things,there’s one thing that never changed : I wanted to write. In a way,it was more like I NEED to write.

Some days ago I wrote some lines for another project ( to write a book) that I’m working on ( yeah,as I said I always work on one millions things at a time it seems). In theses few lines I tried to talk about words.

”Some people fall in love.Some people fall in drugs. I fell in words. It was like each time I thought I found the perfect word arrangement, I’d find another one that would prove me wrong. I will always find some others sentence that would make my mind go crazy in the good way,that would totally shake my atoms and give me a shot of awe. .It was like an endless quest for the perfect word combination, an endless quest that should never be won,but always pushed forward. Words would speak to my soul, and awake part of it in a way that I never thought was possible. What kind of sorcery did some little scribbles could hold for them to talk to yoursoul like that ? They would transcend time and place, bringing their gifts to whoever was open to it. I fell in love with their magic, their amazingly surprising mystery and more than anything else with what they made me feel. I really fell in words in a sort of addictive way that could never be overcome.”

Theses few lines, would carry a big part of the essence of Why I like to write. Words are some sort of Magic we all can fall in.

Thanks to little scribbles ( if you think about it, words are just lines arranged in a certain way and only carry the meaning that was placed on them,we agreed that some lines arranged in the ‘A’ form would be pronounced ‘A’ and that if we put it with others scribbles that are placed in a certain order ,like in the word ‘Apple’ ,it would then be pronounced Apple and mean ‘ the round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin green or red skin and crisp flesh’ [thanks to the dictionary for that one]  but if we break them down,they are only some sort of lines arranged in a certain order  ).

soooo yeah,to come back to what I was saying, Thanks to little scribbles we can carry meaning that will transcend time and place ( In a way words are a sort of time machine right ? You can read what someone who died hundreds of years before your birth and that was living on the other side of the planet wrote ), if this isn’t something amazing,I don’t know what is ! ahah

Well of course, you have to be willing to carry meaning via the words you use, way too often we use words in a sort of shallow-y way that makes words to be emptied of any meaning. Someone would talk,would says words,but no meaning would be carried.

Something with words though, is that they ask to be heard, to be shared.

Some weeks ago ,I was talking with a friend about Art. But Art in the Big Sense of ‘creation’. We were saying that being an artist was simply being  a creator. By that we meant that maybe being artist simply meant to Create, and thus to make of your life a Piece of Art. To put what your heart wanted to create in motion.

We continued the discussion on how Art, and Words, maybe needed to be Shared to fully exist.
When you create something you bring in 3d-manifestation something that only existed in your head-space at first, you put it here in our 3d-world. Does it finish here ? would it really be creation if it ended here ?
If someone see what you created,if this person relate to your creation, if the creation make this person think, the creation, that is now in 3d, bring some more ideas and thoughts, or just impressions and feelings, that are non-3d ( just as the idea that made you create this creation at the first place). In this way you create a cycle, ( non-3d, 3d, non-3d) but not a static one as you brought more than was there at first, more what ? more thoughts, more awareness, a new feeling, a new impressions, anything !  You create an expansion.

And maybe you inspired this person to go and share also,creating then a ripple effect of creations and expansion ! Isn’t this amazing ? Isn’t this magical ? 😉

I could go on and on about Words.
For example that words carry vibrations and all what this implied.
Or that I struggled to choose what name to use to sign this post as I wanted to use my middle name Fauve ,as I love it’s meaning ( now, in the past I would hate this name ahah;we all change ,and change is all there is ) [Fauve is the French word used to describe Wild Cats, if we go with the meaning of the name ,it means ‘Wild And Uninhibited [Free from traditional social or moral constraints.],it sound so ‘Out of the box’ that I can’t help loving it] but I also wanted to simply use ‘V’,so the words would stand for themselves and not for something that is ‘of me’ .  I couldn’t decide what name to sign theses post with,so I simply signed ‘Victoria’, the name I use everyday.

I could also talk about why I prefer to write in English,even if my native and everyday language is French,not only because it could reach more people ,but also because for me writing in English is so different than writing in French.

I could talk about so many others things related to words.
But I think that I shall stop this post for now.

‘You’ve got the words to change a nation but you’re biting your tongue,[…]
If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song’ [ Read all about it –Emeli Sande]